“WOW! He is a whole new dog since his encounter with you…We are both forever grateful!!!”

“There’s no one like Kris Morin at Grateful K9 Training… Kris taught us how to use many different tools, from treats and toys to E-collar and prong collar. All of which put our dog on a path of making better choices and living a less stressful life. My favorite thing about working with Kris is that she is honest and straight-forward. She tells you what you need to hear, you just have to be open to hearing it. Kris is incredibly thoughtful and has an extensive understanding of dog behavior and communication. Do what she tells you to do and follow through on a daily basis. Trust what she says. You’ll be ever so thankful you did.”

River Rue
Angie Coughlin
Roseville, CA

River Rue Grateful K9
Shrader Grateful K9

“I would give more stars if I could. Kris is an amazingly gifted trainer who uses the most intuitive and clear techniques I have experienced. She really sets you up for success! I would never use another dog trainer and I trust her implicitly.”

Wendy MacKinnon DVM
Auburn, CA

“Kris is AMAZING! I cannot talk highly enough of her true gift with dogs! She is direct and real with you while building your confidence in your own ability to train your pup! She took the time to get to know my dog and saw all of the great qualities I know he has! Then transformed him (with some hard work) and me (taking more hard work!) to become a more balanced dog learning to behave in acceptable ways! I am forever grateful for the time she has taken with me and for helping me see my dog’s awesome potential and the tools it takes to reach that!”

Ashley Flanigan Bakken
Roseville, CA

Brody Grateful K9
Bailey Grateful K9

After just one session with Kris and 6yr old Bailey is already on the fast lane to become the dog I always wanted! KRIS IS WORTH EVERY DIME AND MORE!!!”

Yvonne Heimann
Granite Bay, CA

The best thing about Kris is that she really truly cares about both you and your dog. She will customize your commands and training based off of your lifestyle. You can tell that this isn’t just a job for her, it is a true passion and calling.”

Marisa Collins
Sacramento, CA

ZitaGrateful K9
Roxy Grateful K9

“My investment into Roxy getting Grateful K9’s Jump Start Puppy Training has already proven to be worth every cent. Roxy got 8 days of wonderful training, socializing, love and praise from Kris. Thank you Kris for your professional, supportive, client caring approach. Roxy came home a happy dog with a healthy foundation for me to build upon while we continue to practice and continue her training. Thank you Grateful K9!”

Kristin Weidkamp Cobb
Granite Bay, Ca

“Kris is amazing! We contacted her about our 2 yr old Lab mix Jackson and what we thought was aggressive behavior. Kris assured us he was not aggressive but that he had anxiety and needed more socialization. We worked with her in basic obedience and some other issues. We have seen such a big difference in Jackson in such a short time.”

Sierra Weaks
Natomas, CA

Jackson Grateful K9
Roxy & Roscoe Grateful K9

“We were having trouble with the rescue dog that didn’t respect people’s space and tended to get overly excited when people came to the door. Kris gave us the training WE needed to help us manage his behavior and know how to redirect him to make better choices when people came to visit.”

Roxy and Roscoe
Pam Ross-Garrard
Auburn, CA

“The first time I called Kris she interviewed me. Imagine that…she loves dogs and seeks to understand what a dog needs to live happily with humans. She has the “gift”. This is why I trust Kris & routinely drive from the Bay Area to Roseville for her services. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my Dobergirl.”

Josette Moore
San Ramon, CA

Lulu Grateful K9
Betsy & Billie Joe Grateful K9

“We are so lucky to have Kris in our life! Our dogs are well behaved, superstars thanks to her guidance! No matter your dog problem, she can help and both you and your dog will be happy.”

Betsy and Billie Joe
Paige Ramsey
Auburn, CA

“Kris is amazing. She helped whip our feisty little Chihuahua into shape! She truly cares and is passionate about what she does!”

Krissy Evans Ard
Folsom, CA

Taco Grateful K9 Training
Yoda and Roxy

“Kris helped us with integrating our rescue dog into our family (we already had one dog). My husband was ready to take the dog back because of all of his problems. One session with Kris and we learned so much! Our rescue dog is here to stay and a wonderful member of our family. We get comments all of the time about how well behaved our dogs are. Kris knows her stuff, has great ideas, and is always willing to answer questions. I’m so glad we found her!”

Yoda & Roxy
Sarah Maile
Sacramento, CA

“Kris is amazing! She is very positive, calm, and knowledgeable! It was a great experience for me and my dog!”

Sara J. Nash-Liebert
Auburn, CA

Dallas Grateful K9

“Kris is a wonderful trainer. She has a great understanding of dogs (big and small… We have one of each). I highly recommend her!”

Bob Anderson
Folsom, CA

“Kris is so helpful! She truly cares about your dog(s). She helped me get a handle on 2 of my dogs that refuse to get along and have had numerous fights. If you are honest about the areas that need improvement in your dog(s) and yourself I highly recommend Kris. She will give you the tools and show you how, it is up to you to follow through.”

Diva, and Callie
Casandra Epperson
Roseville, CA

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